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Lake School Junction, Pathana, Hikkaduwa

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About the Hotel and It's Surrounding

When we talk about Sri Lanka, we can't miss that major city hikkaduwa that attract by many tourists. It's because of hikkaduwa beach and many more traditional places around it. So it's a hot spot of guests who come to Sri Lanka. When you arrive Sri Lanka and willing to stay some days at Hikkaduwa, Hotel Green Garden is the perfect place just build for you.

"Hotel Green Garden" situated at Pathana. It's just 3 km from Hikkaduwa town towards Baddegama. A quite nice area surrounding with nature. In year 2010 Mr. Prasanna Gunarathna starts his career as the Managing Director of Hotel Green Garden from the begining to present. This Hotel contain fully functional 9 rooms with luxury facilities such as Air Conditioning, Hot Water, Etc. One of most attractive thing is the garden full of green. It's a really wonderful scence layed about ΒΌ acre. There is a Resturant on the top floor and a lobby on the groud floor.

All cordinating things handled by Mrs. Rani from Denmark. She is doing her career since begining of the hotel. It's really helps to keep a good quality service on behalf of the hotel managment.

The entire hotel design, from the garden to the interior was produced by Mr. Prasanna Gunawardana, architect with visionary skills. The hotel can be enjoyed by the lifestyles of all people today.

Prasanna Gunarathna, Hotel Manager

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